Beaglebone Black Rev C - 4 Gt

Beaglebone Black Rev C - 4GB - Pre-Installed Debian Näytä suurempana

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Beaglebone Black Rev C -minitietokone. Sisältää 4 Gt sisäänrakennettua eMMC -muistia esiasennetulla Debian-käyttöjärjestelmällä.


  • If you liked the BeagleBone Black Rev B, you will love the Rev C! The Rev C still has a blistering 1GHz processor and 512MB onboard DDR3 RAM and like the old one it has a AM3359 microprocessor, two 46-pin headers, micro HDMI for audio/video output, USB ports, 10/100 Ethernet and other I/O features. The Rev C is an ultra-powered embedded computer that can fit in a mint tin.

    This model includes 4GB of eMMC built-in storage instead of the Rev B's 2GB. With the doubled storage and faster eMMC, the developers were able to make the Rev C's most significant change: shipping the BeagleBone Black with Debian Linux pre-loaded on the board's flash instead of Angstrom Linux. Debian Linux is a more user-friendly operating system than Angstrom and the switch to Debian is partly the result of consumer demand (especially from Adafruit users, thanks!)

    Of course the BeagleBone Black Rev C is an open board so if you want to load it back up with Angstrom or other Linux-based distributions like Ubuntu or Android, you can.

    The rev C comes with a mini-B cable for powering it up ASAP. No microSD card is included as the BBB has onboard flash storage - and no SD card loading is required to get started. 

    Technical Information

    • Processor
    • Connectivity
      • ​USB client for power & debug
      • USB host
      • Ethernet
      • HDMI
      • 2x 46 pin headers
    • Software Compatibility
      • Ångström Linux
      • Debian Linux
      • Android
      • Ubuntu
      • Cloud9 IDE on Node.js w/ BoneScript library
      • plus much more